Rock Paper Shotgun: Favourable First Impressions

2013-01-17 19:08:33 by XGen

On Monday we got in contact with the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun and today we were pleasantly surprised to see a feature article on Super Motherload. Thanks to Craig Pearson for checking out our ever-changing demo of Super Motherload; we were excited to read Craig's impressions of the game as well as his helpful feedback on game play. We've taken these additional notes and incorporated them into our ongoing development and tuning.

I particularly like the way he describes bombs and puzzles as "dopamine-inducing" -

"Bombs aren't handy for general digging, but as you dig you'll unearth configurations of rocks that can only be unplugged with a directed explosion. There are shaft-bombs that let you blast upwards, and t-shaped bombs that can scoop out mid-shaft blocks ... the rewards are dopamine-inducing."
- Rock Paper Shotgun

Head on over to Rock Paper Shotgun to read the full article: ssions-super-motherload/

Rock Paper Shotgun: Favourable First Impressions


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2013-01-17 20:21:32

eeeeeeee can't wait!


2013-01-17 22:29:50

I loved Motherlode. Can hardly wait for this, it's going to be awesome. Congratulations on the praise from RPS - when they say something is good, it's never corrupted by PR people or other iffy outsiders, so you can trust their assesment :-)


2013-01-20 16:04:10

this game is going to be amazeing!!!!