2013-02-14 19:18:35 by XGen

Thanks to some loyal supporters of Super Motherload on Steam Greenlight you've unlocked Hardcore Mode!

Game play in hardcore mode is more inline with the original Motherload, once you die... you die. Just like life, Sonny Jim. This game mode isn't going to hold your hand all the way through so you best keep a close watch on your fuel consumption because, as we all know, engines blow up when you run out.

Thanks again for your continued support on Steam Greenlight.

Remember to vote! And while your at it throw us a comment or two!

Super Motherload on Steam Greenlight: s/?id=110294430

For some nostalgia... the original Motherload:

Original Sound Track:



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2013-02-14 19:45:02

What about the Motherload 1 OST? :D

XGen responds:

That's not a bad idea...

We'll have to keep that in mind.


2013-02-14 20:02:33

When is Stick RPG 3 going to arrive.


2013-02-14 22:15:27

Lookin' great. Still can't wait.


2013-02-15 00:08:51

Damn straight I remember you. Keep on keepin' on.


2013-02-15 02:22:00

might i persuade you to look at as a way to provide your soundtrack, it is so much a pleasure to browse there, you might even pick up some interest.

just a suggestion.

(Updated ) XGen responds:

Yeah, we actually gave Bandcamp a try before we switched over to Soundcloud. I think Skye said it had something to do with them limiting the number of downloads per month? I'm not too sure, but we've whole heartedly embraced Soundcloud. It seems to be working well for us...

Just for your interest: per-motherload


2013-02-15 14:46:13

Although I wasn't able to support it with Kickstarter, I will definitely get this when it releases, probably on PSN or the OUYA if you ever port it.


2013-02-16 07:11:10

wait.........yes I do remember, you made that stick arena game that everyone hacked, yes I remember