Super Motherload will be at GDC 2013!

2013-02-22 17:33:23 by XGen

Find us in GDC Play from March 26 - 28th in the South Hall, Gateway Ballroom, Moscone Convention Center.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to show just how far we've come in a year. We were at GDC Play for the first time last year and the response we got was really encouraging and the play testing by attendees was extremely valuable in helping us focus in on polishing a few aspects of our game play which we think improved the overall design.

When we exhibited in 2012 Super Motherload was running in standard definition intended for the Wii, and WOW have things changed!

We have since revamped all of the graphics to run in full 1080p and changed our target platform from the Wii to PS3, Mac and PC. The game is no longer a simple demonstration build; the story has been revamped and all of the voice overs are complete. There's new music, new game modes an UI. Essentially every aspect of this game has been looked over since GDC 2012. It's amazing to think what we've accomplished in one year, and we're excited to present a near-finished version of Super Motherload this year!

The photo of Skye and I is from the photo booth at the Three Rings party last year during GDC. They have the coolest office! It's pirate themed! The entire office is dressed up to look like a pirate ship - port holes and all, and there's even a nice lounge area with giant plush octopus tentacles.

If you see a couple of dudes running around the show floor that look something like the image below (give or take the Groucho Marx glasses) say hi!

And, as always, our Steam Greenlight page is located here: s/?id=110294430

Your votes and comments are much appreciated! Thanks for the support!

Super Motherload will be at GDC 2013!


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2013-02-23 05:44:35

Good luck guys <3 We'll be at Kiosk #9 with our game, Concerned Joe. Cya around :3


2013-02-23 17:01:43

NOOO! Add it to XBL too! C'mon, I LOVED Motherload, and if it's not for the xbox, I'm serious, I'll freaking cry.


2013-02-23 17:13:43

Be geared up to ramp it again for the next wave of consoles, they are almost here. Love your guys' work, BTW.