Super Motherload is out!

2013-11-15 01:26:37 by XGen

Super Motherload launched at midnight tonight alongside the PS4!

You can buy it now for $14.99 here: Buy Super Motherload for PS4

Thanks for your support and dedication over the years; the first XGen game was released on NewGrounds back in 2003, and Motherload first debuted on NewGrounds a year layer. We credit the support of our loyal fans entirely to our ability to bring a game we're proud of to the PS4 alongside it's launch this evening.

Happy digging; see you on Mars!

Super Motherload is out!


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2013-11-15 01:52:56

Congrats on being a PS4 launch title!


2013-11-15 04:00:23

This promo art fucking rules.


2013-11-15 14:39:10

I'd love to be able to play it on PC, I won't be getting a PS4 for a long time.... XD


2013-11-15 15:03:53

Congrats on the launch! Now that PS4 is out I suddenly feel an urgent need to acquire one.


2013-11-15 21:50:06

Congrats, hope it's better than first!


2013-11-16 04:52:36

So it's a PS4 exclusive? I'm not much for other consoles than PC, but any new Motherload title would be awesome to play! The second blogpost I ever wrote was actually about the original Motherload, so it's rooted in some great nostalgia. :)

Have you considered partnering with a site like GOG for release? They cut provisions 70/30 (developer/site) and seem to be doing a pretty good job at selling any published products.


2013-11-17 05:12:39

Congrats Team! I still to this day regret not having the money to pick up a Physical Copy of Motherload back when you had such a thing. Loved that game, and it's awesome to hear its child is launching on the PS4. ^.^


2013-12-04 01:04:37

Awesome, but the PS4 part, not awesome...
Either ways.
Flash games were practically a part of my childhood, I honestly don't endorse how it's discriminately platformed for PS4, but either way. Motherload was one of those flashes.