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Super Motherload now out of Early Access on Steam!

2014-04-04 17:35:53 by XGen

Super Motherload Full PC Release is now live on Steam!

From a successful Greenlight campaign to Early Access just under two months ago, we’ve steamrolled through to the finish line to make Super Motherload available as a full release on the Steam Store!

Thank you to everyone that has helped bring this game to a reality on the PC. We’ve had so much help over the past couple of months to get all of the major kinks sorted out and it’s because of your dedication and enthusiasm that we are able to release the full game today! So thanks, eh!

Super Motherload is the result of challenging our studio to create a fully polished experience at a scale we’ve never attempted. That level of polish has allowed us to reach platforms we’ve never had the opportunity to publish on before.

Super Motherload on PC has recieved a number of enhancements:

50 new puzzles
Steam Achievements & Trading Cards
Custom key binding
Controller support
Stability and bug fixes
Support for a wider variety of system configurations

It’s now available on Steam at a discounted price of $11.99 for one week, a discount of 20% off it’s regular price of $14.99! This latest PC release adds to the growing list of supported platforms, which include PS4™ and PS3™.

Super Motherload on Steam


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2014-04-04 18:33:38

I Have been a Fan since Stick RPG. But this looks like it's a whole other level.


2014-04-04 19:44:50

Hoped that it was free, I was disappointed

Hoped it was for both consoles, I was disappointed

Now it is out of early access, now I can finally pirate it without having to worry about the updates that will come after I will download it

Thank you!


2014-04-04 20:56:25

I want to buy.


2014-04-05 07:22:42

Huh, it was released November of 2013


2014-04-05 16:15:35

nice game, i've been playing the demos in here since... 2004?
good to see it on ps3, and on PC.

say, do you also sell a hard-copy version of the game, or just a digital download version?


2014-04-06 13:11:15

I saw your game while browsing the Steam store. Gratz!


2014-07-30 21:48:52

Please add Mr. Natas as a secret playable character?


2015-06-05 17:12:12

Excited to hear that XGen Studios is pushing it to the next level. I'll definitely give it a go on Steam. Keep up the great work guys, been a fan since the days of Stick RPG INcomplete, lol.


2015-10-17 23:09:14

I can't believe you're gone... Why do our animators and developers die at such a young age?


2015-10-18 23:19:42

Just beat this. RIP Skye, you will forever live in the mines of this game.


2017-03-12 17:40:18

the game is great. xgen studios makes amazing games.